Monday, April 7, 2014

Garage Sale

This weekend we did the yard sale with the Harveys.  It was super cold and windy on Friday so that day didn't go well at all, but Saturday was better.  We seem to always have the same amount of stuff every year so that is funny.  How can we accumulate an entire garage worth of stuff year after year?  Of course, most  of it is hers, right?  It seems like she and I will go months with barely speaking so I always enjoy the intense weekend of spending hours together.  Her neighborhood is having garage sales in a couple of week so we left everything in the garage to open up again then.  We need to get rid of more stuff!!!

I had to take pictures of it as proof to the people who came on Friday (with things blowing away) that we're not complete slobs.

Lucy has been doing track.  She always likes to go to practices and enjoys trying different events, but the coach this year is being more strict and is going to cut everyone except the top 5 in each event this Friday.  She is really worried that she will be cut and if she isn't cut, she then would be the worst person in that event.  Hmmm.  I just wish they'd let everyone run who wants to.  That is how they used to do it.  They don't all have to go to meets, but who cares if they want to come to practice?  Some kids might never try running again after being cut from a team.  Where is the love?

I have decided to start watching a baby three times a week.  He will be 8 weeks this week.  His parents were in my class and she has to go back to work.  I don't know why I'm doing it exactly, and I hope that it isn't miserable, but it just feels right so I'm going to go for it.  I start this week!

The kids (except for Charles) went with me to a friend's house to make Pysanki eggs -- she is polish, but they are the Ukranian painted eggs.  You use wax and do several layers of colors.  It was fun!  But it was also frustrating because it was hard getting the wax to go where you wanted it to and knowing what colors were going to show up.  I think we'll do better next year! 
Phin did the two on the left, Lucy did the gold with flower in the back, Ibby did the blue polka dot and volcano-esque stripe, and I did the two darker ones.

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