Monday, April 28, 2014

what is it all about?

It was raining all night and Charles left the windows open in the Prius since he had been to a bonfire and wanted to air it out.  Is moldy smell better or worse than campfire smell?  There is a guy working on the ceiling in the dining room since there is a big hole in it.  How nice that there are people in the world who can fix things.  His name is Ismael and he is from Turkey.   He is very nice and he has fixed lots of things in our house.  He even fixed the bathroom door that wouldn't close without locking!  I had asked tons of people to fix that.  He is also going to paint the dining room.  We peeled off all of the wallpaper and I want to have it painted pink!  Won't that be cheery?  Everyone gasps when I tell them.  It is a nice color.  What is their problem?  The kids are all home from school today for a reason I know not of.  They're all bopping around.  I can't wait for summer!!!  Soon.

My rant for today:  Matthew told me that in the bishop's office there is a wooden sign with vinyl lettering that says -- "Never make the same mistake ONCE (in big letters) - Boyd K. Packer"  Are you kidding me????  How traumatic for someone who is in  talking to the bishop, but just can't seem to get a handle on their problem! How heartbreaking for someone who is trying their best but keeps falling into temptation!!!  Did Jesus ever tell us to not ever make mistakes???? NO!  He knew that we would.  Geesh!!!  Matthew told me that I should retaliate with a cross-stitch that says, "Though your sins be as scarlet..."  Should I?  Should I?  Do people not know what the gospel is about???  No wonder people get discouraged.  Oh dear, I just had to interrupt my post to rant at the bishop.  What is happening to me?  Hahahahha.

I got a mandolin.  The guitar like instrument, not the vegetable cutter.  It is a really pretty one and I have been practicing my scales.  I am so excited!  I am going to be so amazing!  Or I'm going to lose interest and it will gather dust in the corners.  One of those.

I also started crocheting!  And I am making this amazing king size rainbow afghan!  No starting with potholders or scarves for me, no sir!

I'm starting a brand new series of Bradley classes tonight and I still need to vacuum and clean the bathrooms.  I made a big pot of black bean soup for dinner last night so at least I don't have to worry about dinner. 

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