Monday, June 2, 2014

He did it!

We joined a farmers coop this year so we paid in advance and will go to pick up our crate every Tuesday.  It actually started last week, but I had something else that night and couldn't go pick it up.  The farmer said that I could get a double portion tomorrow as long as there are leftovers so that was nice of him.

Yesterday was crazy.  It was Charles' graduation so that was fun! Congratulations! We couldn't be more proud of our little sack of flour  It was very similar to Ella's graduation ceremony, but the talks were better at hers.  Charles looked so incredibly bored!  I'm sure you can recall his usual pained expression.  Just add a purple robe and hat to that.  He said that only interesting part was walking across the stage.  Ellen was there being a "marshal" so she had on a white robe and helped everyone to their seats, etc.  She is Junior Class President and has already been elected as Senior Class President.   Doesn't that seem a little strange?  I don't think they should even let people run who have already been the president, but that is just me.  Spread the love!  I didn't tell her that, though.  She came to our house for dinner and we were telling her that her talk should be better next year -- she didn't give one this year, in case that sounded totally rude.

Last Friday we had the ward campout.  Charles had to work --  he got a job at a Thai restaurant which is awesome!  We are excited for him and will hopefully get some food out of the deal.  And today he started his other job at the Bloomington library.  Two totally nice environments, don't you think?  Way better than fast food.  Anyway, everyone else went and we all even stayed the night!  I was having a lot of fun singing around the campfire with Melissa McLaughlin and others when this new lady in our ward came out of her tent (her family put theirs the closest to the campfire so that was their first mistake) and told us that if we were going to be there until 2:00 a.m. then they were just going to go home right then.  Then she looked at me and told me that  I am so loud!  And that she could hear my voice above everyone else and it just carries so far!  I was mortified!  Mind you, almost everyone and their kids were still up running around and making noise, but I'm the loud one.  Great.  So I grabbed Lucy and Ibby and we went to bed right away.  Matthew had already gone to the tent with the boys and he said he couldn't hear us.  Anyway, I couldn't sleep at all because I was so upset.  And I was laying on a twig.  And there were really loud frogs croaking.  I got up around 6 not having slept at all, but we took the boys on a walk and then she and her family were gone when we got back.  She is a funny person.   Anyway, I decided to write her a note and tell her that I was sorry that I am so loud, that I don't have a sense of time and didn't know how late it was, and that I'm pretty inconsiderate anyway and hadn't thought for one second that my singing was bothering anyone.  She hit a nerve with the loud thing.  I hate that about myself.  And Matthew has been telling me how loud I am every chance he gets ever since.  So playful!  She wrote back and said that she was sorry, too and was just frustrated because her kids couldn't go to sleep.

That is your story for the week.  Not much else going on.

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