Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

We just set out for the parade and then to the cemetery, but as we were passing Wesleyan I heard a badump, badump noise and mentioned to Matthew that we just might have a flat tire.  Sho' nuff that is what it was.  We were all just going to stay there while he put on the spare tire, but then Archie mentioned that he needed to poop.  So I walked home with the boys and Matthew went to see if there are any places open today that can take care of the tire.  Fun stuff!!!  But it is giving me a chance to write in my blog and I don't even have the baby today, yay!!!  He is really sweet and all, but it is tiring taking care of a newborn.  I heard the saddest story about a woman in California who had three daughters ages 2, 1, and 2 months and she killed them all last Friday.  They said they found the mom naked, in a daze, covered with blood.  My first thought is that she probably was just wanting to take a shower, but they were screaming at her and she just lost it!  I just feel so bad for her!!! And her husband!  And her whole family.  Oh my goodness.  It can be hard to take care of babies.  And moms need support.  In the past, people were usually living with their parents, aunts, uncles, etc.  Lots of people who could help hold babies or cook or clean, but now people are so separated and alone.  We ended up being able to get to the parade and over to the cemetery to go on the trolley with Miss Jen Jen.

We always enjoy romping around cemeteries!

It has been a busy week.  I had the annual mother's day tea last Wednesday.  I have moved it to a park since there are so many people now.  I put table cloths and flowers on two long tables and people proceeded to sit their children at the pretty tables and then the women were all sitting at un-table-clothed tables.  That was the only buggy thing.  Everything else was lovely -- the weather, the food, the people.  So I guess it is worth all of the headache.  There was also the Bent School carnival.  The kids had fun, but we didn't stay very long.  I missed Ali Harvey's graduation party.  It was on Friday and I didn't remember until Saturday afternoon.  NCHS had their graduation on Saturday and BHS will have it next Sunday.  Charles is doing a graduation party with Sam at his grandparents house on Lake Bloomington.  I don't know how many people want to go clear out there, but we will see.  It should still be fun.

I've been working a lot in the garden.  I spent tons of money, lots of time and effort, and then I just have to hope for the best!  It hasn't rained for a long time so I have to walk around hosing everything down.  Rain dance, rain dance! 

I'm reading an interesting book about Energy and people's auras.  I haven't gotten very far so we'll see how it develops :)

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