Monday, May 19, 2014

All Wright Weekend (their pun, not mine)

I had to give a talk in church yesterday giving an update on Ella's mission.  It went well.  Everyone said they liked it.  I just told the story about the Gomez family and another one that she sent me last week -- both about getting to know people, seeing them as God sees them, etc.  I then added a bit from Pres. Holland's talk at the last conference that was really great.  Then I had to teach Sunday School.  It wasn't my week.  I team teach and it was her week, but then she texted me late Saturday night saying she was sick so I had to prepare a lesson Sunday morning.  It was about modern day prophets so we played a game where I presented a challenge they might have and then they had to look through the topics of the Conference talks in the May Ensign and find a talk that would answer or solve their problem.  Then I had been asked to present in Relief Society about how I make studying the Book of Mormon interesting day by day.  Hmm.  Not my forte necessarily, but I do try and I have tried lots of different things over the years so that was okay.  I was really tired by the end of church, though.  And I had just started my period so that is always a day when I just want to sit around. 

I was also tired because Matthew and I had gone up to Chicago on Saturday to tour some Frank Lloyd Wright houses.  It was so fun!  But a super long day.  We saw 8 houses in 8 hours and most of that time was waiting in line out on the sidewalk.  We got to know some interesting people, though.  I guess most people that are interested in those kinds of things are pretty mellow and interesting.  We were talking about how there were more women than men, but still a lot of men, but they weren't the type who liked watching football, for example.  Also, we were probably some of the youngest people there.  We met two different couples who had come all the way from Canada to be there!  I thought we were going out of our way!  The houses were great -- all serene and sparse.  Lots of gray or mossy green velvet couches and Japanese-y walls.  The waiting was painful, but I guess we might want to go again sometime.  I took some pictures of the outsides of the houses, but we bought a book that includes some pictures of the interiors.

Yesterday was Charles' seminary graduation, but he absolutely refused to go!  I looked at him for a while, but couldn't really imagine picking him up and putting him in the car myself, so I eventually just let it go.  All week long we were planning on going and we were invited to the Thayn's for dinner so I changed the time so that we could leave soon enough to make it to Peoria.  He was going on and on about how we were making it so that he couldn't finish homework, etc.  but then when we got home he asked if he could go to Ellen's!  No, you cannot.  I thought you had so much to do!  He didn't do any homework as far as I know, but did manage to get in some online Chess games, so that made it worth it.  I kept telling him that it would be nice to honor him for making it through 4 years of seminary!  But he didn't care.  We'll see if we get him to his High School graduation or not.

Not much going on.  Mondays are my day to write to Ella, I have class, I walked with Clare this morning, I'm watching the baby today, I planted about 15 flowers in the front, I need to vacuum and clean the bathroom, did a few loads of laundry since I wasn't here all weekend, I guess that's it.

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