Tuesday, February 10, 2015

books, books, books

Last November I read the book, "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" and I loved it!  I immediately set to work and went through my clothes first.  On one hand, it was very very difficult for me because I do have clothes that I love, but that haven't fit me for several years.  This stirs up a lot of angst, to say the least. But I pushed through and was able to get rid of a lot of things that had made the cut in the past.  I really love her idea of touching each item and asking if it brings you joy.  I am not incredibly minimalist so I am sure that I kept more than other people would, but some of the things really make me happy, so they stayed.  My closet is arranged in a lovely rainbow and my drawers are organized in happy stacks and sushi rolls.  So today I decided to tackle books!  We have books stashed all over the house!
And there were even more!  I decided to go down to subcategories: children's, young adult, cookbooks, music books, and the rest.  Here are all of the adult (not that kind of adult) books out on the two sofas in the library.
And the funniest was finding this cleaning book stuck in the back of the very top shelf!
I ended up getting rid of over 200 books!  Some I was surprised to sell for quite a bit on Amazon and some were donated to bring joy to someone else.

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