Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Speculation -- pain in the neck

My neck has been hurting since last Wednesday.  I twisted my body really strangely while I was cleaning the bathroom and spied a spider behind the toilet and suddenly my neck just started spazzing out!  The pain comes and goes and actually this morning is feeling much much better, but it made me realize all the amazing things our necks do so I wrote a poem:

Ode To My (aching) Neck

Bow to accept the warm embrace
Of tiny arms, so fair of face.
Bend for prayer and meditation,
Feeling deeply, and submission.

Turn to hear the cadence joyful
Of my life, the flowing cupful.
To catch a glimpse of fleeting beauty
And watch for danger, as my duty.

Arch to give laughter ample space
And welcome sunlight on my face.
To kiss my love so long and slow
And search for stars that blink and glow.

A conduit for response, command
From head to heart and heart to hand.
Nourishment swallowed, breath exhaled,
My voice intoned in whisper and wail.

A pillar bearing heavy weight
Of all my thoughts, both small and great.
The pedestal of my whole being,
The noble base of all my seeing.

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