Monday, March 24, 2014

my first pilgrimage

I just went to a three day women's retreat that was amazing!!!!  Oh my goodness!  It is called Midwest Pilgrims and a lot of them are feminists, but it isn't the main thing -- mostly they are women who think about things.  And the talks and the activities and the spirit!  Ack!  It was really incredible.  I kept thinking about how I would love to take Ella and Lucy with me next Spring.  I would love to share all that I learned, but I'm still processing some of the information.  We talked about gifts of the spirit, the divine feminine, how Christ is the ultimate healer, and how women were ordained to be healers by Joseph Smith, but it was eventually taken away (but it was part of our church for over 100 years!  It's our heritage!).  We also talked about meditation as a path toward higher spiritual learning.

We are leaving for Virginia in the morning since it is Spring Break.  Matthew had to teach this afternoon and I am teaching my class tonight so we haven't gone yet.  We haven't seen Rebecca since our reunion last summer so it will be fun.   It is supposed to snow so hopefully we will make it there without any issues.

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