Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Bouncing Baby Boy

My baby is being so funny lately. Yesterday he was playing with something and I was sitting a couple of feet away from him. I called out to him and he kept playing. Maybe he didn't realize I was trying to get his attention, so I call again, "Phin -e-as," I see the back of his cheek go up as he smiles, but keeps playing. "Phin! Look at me!" He starts to giggle and keeps laughing every time I call his name, but won't look at me. He is totally ignoring me! And thinks it is hilarious to boot! I must say that I find that fairly sophisticated humor and it is pretty cute when you're eight months old, but not when you're eight years old -- just a little reminder for the other four children who pretend I am not talking on a regular basis.

He also is always jumping up and down. When there is a beat of any kind he goes bounce, bounce, bounce. Sometimes for no reason at all bounce, bounce, bounce. When I am holding him legs go kick, kick, kick. At diaper changes kick, kick, kick. And it isn't just his legs it is his whole body from shoulder through the torso and deep bends in the knees. He is a little difficult to keep a hold of and not get my chin knocked, but he is quite adorable, if I do say so myself.


Ellen said...

Too cute, over-alls.

Stacey said...

Yes, he is adorable!! I am so happy we are enjoying our babies so much. We are so lucky.

Amylouwho said...

he IS cute!

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