Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new

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Our friends came for Thanksgiving and we had so much fun! I have lots of wonderful memories, but the most lasting outcome of the visit was... Brock fixed my kitchen cupboard door!!! Yea!!! Thank you, thank you! It makes me happy every time I walk by, or sometimes I don't even notice it and then I remember that it used to be a broken, gaping hole, and anyone could see everything spilling out of it, and the baby was constantly crawling in there and wreaking havoc, and that that one cupboard made me yearn for an entirely new kitchen, etc. etc. and a feeling of peace and joy overcomes me because I didn't notice the cupboard for the first time in three months! And by notice I mean grit my teeth, clench my jaw, and scream inside -- I really despise open cupboards at the best of times, but generally one can just shut them with a flip of the wrist and feel better immediately. So, yes, that has made me happy and when I recover from the uncontainable delight it derived it will also bring tranquility.

My new frustration, because I needed a new one to replace the old one, is beautiful fake candles. We cannot seem to manage to put up Christmas lights. I really like tastefully done Christmas lights and would love to live in a house that had them, but it is beyond us. So I bought the candles that look really nice in all of the windows of a symmetrically laid out old house because I happen to live in one. I had about 18 of them with brand new batteries and they lasted approximately 10.5 hours. How completely nice! I see other people have them in their windows. I have tried this before, but thought I got the wrong kind. This time I spent a little more, but no. I will do some research and see if it is the light bulbs, the batteries, the whole candle, or just me!

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My name is Lexi said...

julie again.....still being banned by blogger

we had such a wonderful thanksgiving with you....i keep meaning to blog about it!

and after spending time with you this past month, i need to say, in reference to your previous motherhood postings, that i think you are an amazing mother. you are patient, and you really listen to your children and show respect for their preferences and feelings. you are a great example. thank you.

i've often wondered about those long the batteries last. but most people must have better luck with them.....or no one would use them....?

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