Thursday, June 11, 2009


I have not been very diligent about updating my blog lately.  The end of the school year is always a little crazy.   

:: baby taking his sweet time learning to walk

::sleeping in a little, hair uncombed, straight to the business of books

::and board games

::the annual "School's Out" party

 I adore summer!  I so enjoy being with the kids, having a more easygoing schedule, basking in the sunshine, puttering around the garden, and most of all, here at the very cusp of the season, I simply like dreaming about the potential of what our summer could be.  Are we going to have some adventures?  Are we going to break the record of how many days we can go swimming?  Are we going to deep clean every nook and cranny of the house?  Are we going learn a new language?  And some more searching questions:  Are we going to be kind to one another?  Are we going to be patient?  Are we going to survive?  At any rate, I already feel the days slipping by too quickly and I want to rein them in, "Whoa there!  Let's have the moments last a little longer..."  We have already had a few exploits.  Father and son went camping the last two weekends and Ella has youth conference this weekend and since she is on the planning committee went a day early.  I already miss her.  On Monday we took the kids to Havana to help clean up the Illinois River with the Living Lands and Waters group.  They worked hard picking up garbage, but the disagreeable bits were tempered by the knowledge that they were doing something good and also by a fun boat ride to the litter location.  Unfortunately no pictures of that.  Would've been nice...


HARA said...

I agree entirely with your summer sentiments. I am waiting to really get our started due to our never ending rain fall. Alas, we find ourselves playing many board games and struggling with the issue of being kind!

The Crazy Monkey Blog said...

cute new blog background!


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