Friday, June 12, 2009


One thing that has been taking up my time is that I am transferring my blog into a bound book!  This has been very exciting for me since I have wanted to do this for a few months and couldn't find a suitable avenue for doing exactly what I wanted.  I even googled "turn blog into a book" and you know what?  It let me down.  I really felt betrayed by that and gave up my search in defeat.  Well, the most RANDOM thing happened.  I clicked on Mormon Mommy Blogs, which I have never done, then clicked on the general category, which I have never done, then clicked on a blog title about halfway down that I cannot even remember the name of now, then started reading an entry that was labeled "randomness," then clicked on that label, then scrolled halfway down and lo and behold there was an entry from the first week of January in which she detailed how she was making her blog into a book.  I couldn't believe it.  It had all only taken a few minutes (not the several hours you were envisioning such a journey into randomness might take) and it was exactly what I had been looking for ~ it was like I was LED there.  I had seriously been considering starting my own company to do such a thing, but since my capabilities for singlehandedly turning blogs into books are severely lacking, you can imagine my relief at finding someone else to do it for me and at a reasonable price to boot.  The company is called Blurb and they just could not make it easier.  I cannot wait to see my book in print! 


Shaharac said...

I have some blurb books, they are all impressive, I have not seen any blogs turned into books by blurb. I would love to see one. I started my blog with the single thought, no scrap booking EVER and what a great way to journal. I may have to actually have human contact with you, a phone call to see how you are doing yours. Do your summer plans include Utah? I would LOVE to see you sometime.

Jenn said...

How funny! I've thought about using blurb before, but haven't yet. I think I will make a book by year or something, otherwise I wouldn't know when to cut if off.

The company Andrew works for is actually working on a site called that backs up blogs and puts them into books. But I just looked at their site, and it looks like they're not quite finished with the blog to book part.

Anyway, bring the book to the reunion--I would love to see how you do it. :)

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