Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Retail Therapy

I have been attempting the coupon thing again because I really would like to find a way to spend less money on groceries.  Last week was coupon Nirvana because Kmart had double coupons up to $2 (which can then be $4!) so I girded up my loins and decided to try it.  I looked to see what was on sale and what matched up with my big coupons.  There was also a limit of 10 coupons per customer so I had to be even more careful.  I took Ella with me on the first trip so that she could pick out some makeup that was a deal and also go through the line.  We gathered up our loot (imagine painstakingly wandering around the store, matching up coupons with the correct item) and finally went to a checkout aisle that was empty.  Of course, the minute she started ringing up my items, all the other checkers left their stations and before too long we had a long queue behind us.  Then Ella didn't want to go through the line so I asked if I could do two separate transactions.  Then the coupons wouldn't scan so she had to type each one in by hand.  Then something wouldn't go through and she had to call a manager over.  I peeked back at the people in line who were shaking their heads and muttering and I broke into a cold sweat.  Finally it was over.  Ella looked at me and said,  "Mom, that was so stressful!"  I know, you really have to work to save that much money!  I went six more times throughout the week (complete with mistakes and arguing with customer service) so now our pantry, laundry supplies, shampoo and conditioner cupboard, etc. are all overflowing.  And I also feel more comfortable using coupons so it was good practice.

Yesterday I had to go to the store and pick out a vanity and lights for our new bathroom and  I had to go alone!  Nothing is more difficult for me.  I like the clean lines of modern, the organic curves of art deco, the sweetness of cottage style ~ then throw in the price factor ~ this one isn't as nice, but it is cheaper, and this one is on clearance!  I am a pushover for red tags.   So I did come back with three different light fixtures, but did manage to only buy one vanity.  I have bought and returned several faucets and if I hadn't ordered the bathtub and sink online (and the bathtub wasn't BUILT into the room) they probably would've been traded in by now as well.  It is simply too much pressure to choose items that will be so permanent.  And I also need to keep in mind that other people will probably live here someday so not to go too crazy (oops, too late, my tub is slightly over the top).

We have still been frequent garage sale attendees.  Last Friday there was a whole neighborhood sale so we piled in  the van then had a nice stroll in the sunshine, weighing down the stroller with treasures.  We found some bowling shoes for Charlie, an entire wardrobe for Lulu, and multiple frames for .50¢ a piece.  I have definitely become an enthusiast.

Between the coupons, the garage sales, and losing a storage room (the future bathroom) it is now time, once again, to return to decluttering.  The circle of life.


corn fed girl said...

The coupon line! I'm am sweating just from reading that! I am having flash backs. I won't be able to sleep tonight!

Nauvoo Commuter said...

I'm still waiting for Aldi's to do double coupons, so we can get our groceries for free.

BTW, are we supposed to call your son Charlie now?

Melba said...

So, what was the verdict? Was it cheaper in the end than buying the store brand?

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