Monday, September 21, 2009

Paint Chips

Our house needs painting. Ugh. Yes, I do live in the Money Pit, thank you very much for asking. We are not going to paint it this year, but we decided to paint the garage and since I have wanted it to match the house I have had to decide what color I wanted the house. I have long been considering going with a different color than white, but with our very overbearing, as it were, red roof, our options are a bit more limited. Plus I would like to choose something that would add rather than detract from our historical neighborhood. Mostly, I don't want to be the house that causes passerby to shake their heads and mutter, "Oh dear. How unfortunate." At first, I wanted to be bold with a pale gray or light, light, blue (oh, that doesn't count as bold?), but after doing one coat of light blue on the garage (not very pretty-making, actually quite taste-missing) it looks like white is the color our house wants to be. Forever.

Next we finally decided to paint the shelves in Charlie's room. They easily win the prize for being the ugliest thing in our house (now that the basement bathroom is finished) and were the thing that I was going to fix first when we moved in six years ago. So to pick a color ~~ the utter and complete agony of it all! I cannot believe how I can turn something that should be a fun activity into something so stress inducing. I take it all into my gut and work and rework how it will look and what will be best. I don't like to paint so I have to do it right the first time. Who knows when I will get up the gumption to fix a mistake? So there is quite a lot of pressure there. Once again I think I should go for something strong. Black, or a deep green, steel gray perhaps... and once again we went with white and it looks fabulous. I like white. I will just accept it.

Pictures late-ah!


AndieF said...

It's o.k., I like white a lot too. If I was in charge of colors, everything in my house would be white, beige, tan, you get the idea.

Maybe you should put your hubby in charge, and then you will get some boldness like gold, orange, purple, green, and bright blue like we have. It is funny - they are never the colors I would have picked, but I always enjoy them when they are done.

Mary said...

My husband is even more minimal than I am -- not as lively as yours! I like your bright colors, too.

Stacey said...

Have you seen my house!! Not one bit of color...brown, beige, tan, ivory. I really want to add some color-really bad but I like neutral colors-it is so clean looking. I am going curtain shopping tomorrow though for my 2 front rooms and am going to really try to add some color-we will see.

Anonymous said...

We painted the juniper planter (sans juniper, Yeah!) dark gray to match the gates. It looks cool, but now I have to paint the gates, fences and mailbox to spruce up the place. This home tour may just kill me. Especially if it doesn't get over 50 this week!
I am also wanting to paint a big tree in India's room with a red bird. I think it will look dy-no-mite!
You've got those awesome blue chairs, so I don't know what you're talking about. You are plenty colorful... just not with paint and huge objects. That's understandable!

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