Monday, September 28, 2009

a positive point of view

This morning as I walked down the stairs I stepped on something. I bent down to see what it was and saw that it was a chess piece and there were many more strewn around the front hallway. I started to mutter about how the baby is always throwing things down the stairs (dirty laundry circumspectly squeezed through the narrow slats one by one, library books hurled over the railing with abandon, or super balls rolled from the top ~~ bounce, bounce, bounce). My Lulu looked at me with a smile and said, "Good thing he can't throw them down the stairs anymore." "Why is that?" I asked, eagerly awaiting the secret. "Because they are all down stairs already." Hmmm. Very interesting perspective. I guess that is true. Am I not supposed to pick them up and take them back to the chess table on the landing? What does this statement mean for my life? Baby has also started throwing everything in the garbage can. I can only find one leather sandal and one tennis shoe of his. I assume they have gone the way of all the earth. Another time I didn't even know my shoes were missing, but then found them carefully placed on all of the other rubbish in the kitchen. I also regularly hear him gleefully running from my room to the bathroom (pitter, pitter, patter) and then find earrings and bracelets in the bottom of the garbage can (better than the toilet). Am I supposed to move everything so he can't get it? Am I not supposed to care about losing material possessions? Am I supposed to leave everything scattered all over the floor because then at least it won't be scattered on the floor again? I don't know. I haven't quite discovered the parable from which I will learn something amazing and life-changing. Please feel free to tell me your ideas.

Baby is now painstakingly pulling tissues out of the box one by one, diligently tearing them into tiny pieces, and then recklessly throwing them into the wind. The cost of a little morning blog writing. Well, at least when he's done he won't be able to do it anymore (?).


amylouwho said...

I think my andrew and your little guy would get along splendidly - I think they have the same pasttimes!!

I have an invention idea - it's called the mom shelf. It's like a plate rack/chair rail just at mom's reaching height installed all around the house. That way, when something gets gotten into that needs to be 'put up' you always have a spot to put it! Brilliant, I know.

We have very little vertical high storage in my house - except my open shelved IKEA desk. It is a disaster or piles for just this reason. Too many things in too many little hands. Oh well, c'est la vie. It won't always be this bad.

The Queen Bee said...

You kinda get used to no having to put things up. I may need to copy and paste this post in about 18 months.

Ellen said...

As mom would say, "this too shall psas."

Anonymous said...

To answer your questions... yes.

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