Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Personal Touch

This morning I was off and running early and needed to make some phone calls. Normally I keep a small phone book in the car, but at some point in our hauling history it had been removed. I tried to remember the phone number of the pediatrician's office, but got a wrong number, and since I was driving right by I decided to just stop in and talk with them in person. Oh my goodness. Baby is way behind on vaccines ~~ like he has had one round ~~ so I thought that maybe I should get on that. The doctor told me that I could just come in without a regular appointment. Okay so I am standing there in the office talking to a real person with me standing there holding my baby and she was totally rude. "It is flu season. A lot of people are getting shots. You couldn't possibly get shots today." Me, "Could I talk to a nurse? Like I could if I was calling?" "No, they are too busy. What you need to do is call on the morning of the day that you want the shots." I looked at her incredulously and thought that it is the morning of the day I want the shots and did I mention that I am standing right here? I hadn't brought my phone inside the office so I considered asking her if there was a phone that I could use to call her office that I was standing in, but I am not that confrontational. Instead, I went out to the parking lot, finally remembered the number, called the office I was parked in front of, and they told me I could come in this afternoon. Like I said, oh my goodness.


The Queen Bee said...

People are so frustrating.

AFarCryFromNormal said...

In following S on this post, reminds me of that song, "People are strange!" Ugh so frustrating! Hope your day went better after that! :-)

amylouwho said...

People who don't like people should not have jobs where they are the front man - you know what I mean? Nothing irritates me more than the first face you see at an establishment and they don't get it enough to even smile. grrrrr.

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