Thursday, February 4, 2010


::heading over for a drink at the hotel
::at the coliseum

::on a mission

::found some marble the popes had left...

::um, yeah, Roma is kind of pretty

::not needing the umbrellas for a moment

::he is just sweet

::following his big bro

::we all thought he looked quite european with his scarf

::the girls

::the gang

::loving the puddles

::column gazing

::column canoodling

::the pantheon

::St. Peter's

::the Spanish Steps

::fontana trevi

::completely cold and worn out ~~ whew!


amylouwho said...

You all are gorgeous! And that Phinn, good grief he's cute.

So did you get their toggle coats there or buy them before you left. I love those! They are so cute and you all look european! :)

corn fed girl said...

Yeah pictures! The pictures are so crisp, so pretty, so lovely! You guys are having so much fun! Why didn't you take me? WHYYY???? P.S. Matthew looks great in european facial hair!

normal mom said...

Matthew does look European. Hope he is finding his muse.
I am so happy for you to be having this experience. I'm too scared to do it myself, but it's so cool to live through someone I know who is doing it!
Great pictures. Everyone looks wonderful.

Stacey said...

BEAUTIFUL photos!!!! Normal Mom shouldn't be scared...we will all go some day-it will be fun!! Everyone looks great and I have to agree that the beard totally suits Matthew!!! Miss you!!

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