Friday, February 19, 2010

when life hands you lemons

We had a wonderful time visiting with Zach, Stacie, and Zed this past week.  Thanks for coming to see us!  The worst part was that it was terrible weather the WHOLE time they were here.  I think France should give them their money back.  If it makes them feel any better, it is pouring today.  On the bright side, at least we didn't run out of hot water or toilet paper.  They were supposed to arrive on Friday afternoon, which happened to be the only sunny day, but were stuck in Frankfurt until late in the evening.  

Saturday we travelled far away and saw some beautiful sights.  We stopped in Les Baux de Provence which is on a rocky (and on Saturday prohibitively windy) hilltop in the Alpilles.  It was too cold to go on a tour of the ruins -- even the lady who worked there recommended that we skip it because of the wind and the babies-- but the village was one of my favorites that we have seen.  We also saw a museum of Santons, provencale dolls.  
Then we drove to the Pont du Gard, the famous Roman aqueduct.  We loved that, too and marvel at its age and history.  There were great hills all around and we trekked up some trails to find a cave and looked from above and the clear, blue water of the Gard River.  On the way home we passed through Avignon and hope to return there when it is light.  
Sunday was fun.  We attended church and Zach remembered lots of people from his mission days.  In the afternoon we took them to our favorite, Bormes les Mimosas, to see the view of the Sea, stained glass windows, and lots of Mimosa trees!  I found a huge bouquet of them in a garbage can and loved it so much that I proceeded to leave it in my car for the next several days.

Someone at church mentioned that a Lemon Festival was going on right now in Menton so that became the destination for our Monday outing.  It was really amazing!  Ella and Stacie ordered some hot lemonade and the girls sucked on sugary citrus suckers.  
::the theme was cinema
::they liked the sci-fi bit

::Phin actually liked the gravel best

::crazy lemons

::switching out the old ones

::eating lemons

::a more colorful coliseum

Then we drove through Monaco again to get to the medieval village of Eze.  We saw as much as we could before it got dark.

Tuesday and Wednesday were rainy so we stayed near La Garde for our explorations, staying busy with shopping and eating pastries.  The adults all went to a fancy restaurant which was really fun and in retrospect I wish I had had the presence of mind to take a picture of our food.  I was more than likely too busy talking.  We had a great time and hope that they did, too!


normal mom said...

Fabulous! I'll never look at a lemon the same way again!

HARA said...

You are having WAY to much fun. Citrus rocks.

Anonymous said...

We had a blast. Just found out some good friends of ours are moving to Amsterdam for the summer. Humm, we might just have to visit them. Yeah, right!

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