Tuesday, June 22, 2010


What have I been doing?  I have been assessing, and obsessing about assessing.  First of all, our lawn has grubs and in other places it isn't growing.  It also is growing moss, and why wouldn't it since we apparently live in a swamp?  The rain!  It just keeps coming, and the weeds keep growing, and I have to bring all of the clothes off the line at a moments notice, and the lightning!  The thunder shakes you deep inside followed by the fire engine sirens signaling another run to put out the sparks.  And the humidity!  I cannot ever remember it being quite this bad.  Maybe this no A/C thing isn't such a good idea... no we're fine, it is quite cooling to use the body's mechanism, also known as sweating, and then let the ceiling fans do their magic.  Where was I?  The heat is making me loopy.  Oh, long story short I paid someone to assess my lawn and tell me what I can organically do to get it healthy and thriving again.  They'll get back to me in three weeks.

Secondly, I sent in my picture for a body profiling assessment at Dress Your Truth.  That only took a few days, but in the meantime I was devouring books and information online, searching madly for clues to explain me to me so that I can find my true calling and get on with it already.  After all of that wading I didn't feel like waiting any longer so I tried to cancel that assessment, but they had already finished it.  Ooh, exciting!  What would they say?  I had pretty much decided who I am, so I was prepared to be unimpressed as they told me something different.  The sceptic in me was quite sure that that part would all be hooey, but it was exactly what I had already figured out!  Wow.  So it is all very interesting and I am pretty much obsessed with it at the moment so if anyone wants to talk about it with me I could gladly blather on about it for hours.

The two oldest are at camp for the week so it is quieter and I can't just run out the door without baby any old time I want.  What the...?  (As Miss Ibby would say, so cute every time).  I miss them (and not just for what they can do for me).  And they are having to sleep outside with all these crazy storms roiling around -- yikes!


AFarCryFromNormal said...

So what "Type" are you? You know Allison Weiss, right? Is that how you found out about it? Carol Tuttle is here. I have been thinking about going to a seminar to learn even more about it. Interesting but I struggle with having to figure out how to transform my wardrobe as I am sure that most of my clothes don't fit my dominant type. So, there you are..... I am discussing. Now your turn!

Anonymous said...

I want to hear all about it. Maybe in a few weeks. Otherwise there will be crying in the bkground on my end... especially if it takes hours... which I truly look forward to. I heart adult conversation.

HARA said...

I just got back from girls camp. Not to many creepy crawlies, just lovely girls and too much food. I'd love to chat with you about so many things! Can you email me your number or numbers again?

GRodenberg said...

what, no AIR? dying! I think air conditioning is the best part of living in 2010, and not during the pioneer era of Illinois! Come visit and cool down. ps I totally want to know what you are talking about- assessing my body and clothing type? what?

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