Wednesday, June 30, 2010

one of those days

How is everyone's summer going?  Mine is clipping right along, rushing hither and thither, and lo and behold I haven't written a single thing on my calendar.  June is sitting there forlornly, completely blank, like we haven't a single care in the world.  Are we just sitting around doing nothing?  Actually no, but one would think, from the external evidence, that we were doing exactly that.  Usually I can slide through with this kind of organization, remembering things at the last minute, as it were, but yesterday it didn't work out so well.  I rounded up two oldest for a doctor's appointment at 9:00.  In the morning.  Not so early to most, but quite remarkable that we got out on time -- showered, coiffed, scented -- with a 16 and 14 year old in tow.  Also with youngest so running out the door, down the street, through the parking lot, up the stairs, down the hall, through the door, at the receptionist's desk, on the receiving end of blank stare.  Um, I will tell you their names again.  Nothing.  Oh!  Well look at that, the appointment is for tomorrow!  Won't that be nice to do that all again?  (We survived, yay!)  So back home.  Gave the big girl a job to do in the car and she decided that she just had to listen to some tunes while working so turned on the car, left it on, and when I needed to take younger girls somewhere two hours later, car wouldn't start.  Wonderful!  No biggie.  Car jumped and we are off again.  Boy gets a call while we're in the car, drop people here and there, get home again and can't find my phone.  Look all over car, ask husband to call it.  Look all over house.  Get messages on Facebook about how I'm not answering my phone :), keep looking.  Have to take oldest to voice lessons, still frustrated about phone.  Why do I keep losing things?  Wait, I didn't lose it, I simply made the recurring mistake of allowing someone to receive phone calls on it.   Boy used it last.  What would he do with it?  Drop girl off and hear phone vibrating.  Rip car apart and find it, with the ringer turned off (I didn't do that!) under the front passenger seat.  Whew!  There is something that makes me very tense about not having a phone.  Can relax again and no other disasters for the entire rest of the day!

Hope everyone else is faring well!


Jen said...

I think that is one of the reasons I waited so long for a cell phone. I must have been subliminally afraid of how I would need to answer it as compulsively as I answer my home phone, except all the time.

Thanks for all the comments! I do like Utah. We are about a half hour from Zion National Park, too, so we are super lucky.

You should write about that book. I am a quality time / service person. I was surprised at some of peoples answers and not surprised by some. It was fun to take the quiz as a group.

Shaharac said...

This makes me anxious. It's all too familiar in my world. Glad you are surviving.

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