Thursday, June 10, 2010


Last week we took Charles to the airport to fly to Utah - alone!  It was our first time to send one of our babies off by themselves, but I suppose that he is old enough and he is certainly big enough.  Since his flight was in the morning we went up the day before and spent the night with Hiroko.

First stop:  The Field Museum
We had bought a pass last year on my birthday because it was cheaper than paying for everyone individually so of course we had to try to use it again because we're frugal like that.

Thank you Vanna!

Oooh, a wooly mammoth backpack -- a must have for any two year old boy.
When Charles sees the camera come out, he immediately turns around

Then off to the Art Institute:
We ran into our old friend Michael on the street!  How amazing is that!  He is so cute.  Matthew also spotted and chatted with a former student.  I am quite sure we couldn't find someone we were expressly trying to find on purpose in downtown Chicago.
Our first stop was the Modern wing with cool sculptures and rooms filled with plain white canvases.  After reading the paragraph of how the white changes with the light, Charles observed, "It is kind of like 'The Emperor's New Clothes' with everyone trying to see nothing." 

Curses!  Foiled again!  Another back shot as they watch an installation.
Our favorite part is downstairs where the kids can touch things...
and we can gawk at the miniature rooms.
Such a good museum goer!

After closing we stopped to enjoy some jazz on Michigan Avenue

and romped through Millenium park

We followed the sounds to find more music in the park
And finished our visit the next morning by visiting a very cool mall -- Ella was in heaven!


Melba said...

Please tell us more! What is Charles doing in Utah? Which mall is in the last picture (I want to go!)?

normal mom said...

We should go sometime. That looked like a great day! Hope Charles is learning some great skills at camp.

Stacey said...

Charles needs to realize how cute he is and that he should be photographed!

Julie S said...

Fun trip!!!

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