Wednesday, July 20, 2011


There are a variety of reasons I haven't written for a while: We've been gone, it's summer and there is usually someone who wants to be on the computer, there hasn't been anything else too disgusting to report (isn't the theme fear factor?), I'm lazy...  That about covers it.  I've been trying to get everything squared away before the baby comes.  I always do that, thinking that for the next year I won't be able to do anything, and then, surprisingly enough, find that I actually can leave the house with a baby and usually have a bit more energy than I do while pregnant.  But with school starting so soon afterward I've been trying to get all the school registration, school shopping, physicals, etc. finished so we won't be running around at the last minute.  I don't think I ever shared the hilarious story of Lucy getting her finger pricked to check her iron levels.  Lucy was trying her best to look the other way and ignore what was happening, but the nurse kept talking about how much blood was coming out until it finally started having an effect and I noticed that Lucy was as white as a sheet.  I quickly told her to lie down, but the nurse just grabbed her finger and kept squeezing.   It was too late -- Lucy threw up all over the table.  I ran over to help her, but started gagging and apologizing about how I was more sensitive because I'm pregnant, then I looked over and saw that Ibby was completely green so I opened the door and repeatedly asked her if she was going to lose it, gesturing toward the bathroom.  In the meantime, the nurse was merely clearing away her tools and then reluctantly handed me some paper towels as her halfhearted effort in helping me clean up Lucy's mess.  I did my best to clean off the table, telling Lucy to stay where she was until she didn't feel dizzy, Ibby wandered back in and laid down on the floor, Phin just looked baffled by all the uproar, and I sat down and surveyed the triage scene.  No one came back in to check on us, no one offered to help me clean up anything, no one cared at all.  Finally we slunked out of the office, with Lucy throwing up again on the way home.  Phin thought it was all very exciting and keeps talking about it.  The other night he came in my room and kept repeating what I thought was "I falling off."  I couldn't understand, but he finally grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bathroom where he proceeded to throw up.  Ahh, "I frowing up."  Wow.  My only child who can successfully make it to the toilet with nary a mess anywhere else.  I think he just ate something funny because he wasn't sick at all.  I guess that story was pretty gross.  I should post a warning on my blog.

So we are having such a nice summer.  Someone mentioned the other day that school was starting in less than a month and I started my annual moan about how I hate school and they said that I was the only mother they'd ever met who felt that way.  I know that a lot of my friends feel the same way that I do.  I am DREADING school and how we'll have three separate start times, my husband will be teaching seminary and an 8:00 class so I won't be able to rely on him to help with the morning routine, and I just MIGHT be slightly tired and hormonal.  We can do it!

Eleanor has had a nice little babysitting job and has been having a great time with friends.  On Sunday she was called out of the audience to give a little impromptu talk in sacrament meeting.  She was so calm and just walked up there with a big smile, made a joke about how she was asked to talk about Youth Conference, and gave a great talk.  We were very proud of her.  (If it had been me, there might have been more mention of vomit).  That evening we went with her to get her patriarchal blessing.  What a wonderful experience that was!  We all felt the spirit very strongly.  On the way home we asked her what her impressions were and she said, "I'm just relieved he didn't say that I already knew my future husband."  Whew!

Charles is also babysitting this summer and doing a great job.  He registered and paid for himself to run a 15K a few weeks ago and ran it in 1 hour and 1 minute, coming in 55th out of 800 people.  He runs in the morning and evening and won't eat any sugar.  We always knew he got obsessed about things, and are glad it is now something a little more productive than Runescape was when he was 11.

Lucy and Ibby find amazing things to do every day.  They always have some grand scheme going on whether it be an art project, dressing up, or barbiepollyamericangirl world.  And they entertain Phin to boot.  I couldn't be happier.

Phin is just super cute.  He loved seeing his grandparents and keeps talking about them.  And everything he says is funny.  A couple of days ago we were out driving and the car next to us had a dog sticking his head out the window, looking up with his mouth open.  Phin said, "Mom, that doggie is eating the sky."

As for me, I'm not making many plans.  Waiting, waiting, slightly apprehensive, but getting more ready and closer to surrendering -- willing to do whatever it takes.  Still haven't thought of a name or packed a bag so perhaps I should get on that.


Stacey said...

I have an England friend who just named their baby boy "Rufus Barnaby." That is my name suggestion for the day. I have missed you and your blog! Glad the kids are having a fun summer. I have to take Faith in for a sports physical today and am hoping it doesn't end up the same way yours did! I am one of your friends that is DREADING the start of school! Life is so relaxed when they are out and we aren't running, rushing and nagging them to do homework. Love you!

My name is Lexi said...

Ella's coment totally made me laugh. And way to go Charles!

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