Monday, January 27, 2014

Snow, frost, ice

The kids are home again today!  The high today is -4˚.  It's really fun to have them, but my schedule gets a little messed up.

I seriously can't think of much that we've done here for the past week.  It has been super cold!!!!  So school was cancelled last Tuesday and Unit 5 was cancelled on Thursday, but we weren't.  I tried to stay inside as much as possible.  Archie started coughing a lot in the night I guess last Wednesday, so I didn't want to take him out, but then Friday I had a lot to do so we kept having to brave the unbearable wind!  That night we had the Elders over for dinner and Archie sat at the table not eating anything and his cheeks and ear getting redder and redder!  I went over to feel his forehead and he had a high fever!  I put him down early, but it stayed all night.  In the morning it was a little better, but we were planning on going to Nauvoo and didn't know whether we still should or not.  Lexi is pregnant!  She has little Lachlan who is totally adorable.  He just turned one in November and then she found out that she will having twins in July!  She'll have three kids under 17 months old!!!!!  And the Stouts are moving to Korea on February 13th.  Anyway, I didn't want to get the baby, the pregnant lady, or the soon-to-be traveling family sick.  Oh, Lexi is there because she is going to live there while her parents are gone for two years.  Okay. So I called them and they told me to pray about it and we decided to go anyway.  Archie slept the whole way down, dad and Brock went to the 3:00 session; Julie, Lexi, and I did initiatories at 4:00 and then we all had dinner together.  It was fun.  And the weather was in the 30's so probably one of the nicest days to visit.

Stacie put me in touch with a photographer here in town who is doing a project called "unearthed."  She is scheduled to come here to take my picture on Thursday, but just sent an email yesterday with what she wanted.  She wants me without any make-up or hair done, wearing a white tee shirt and black yoga pants.  It terrifies me!  I don't wear that much make-up, but a little concealer makes me feel so much better!  And I don't know if she has ever been overweight or not (we still haven't met), but a white tee shirt is probably the least flattering thing I could think of to wear right now!  I am so insecure and I don't want to do it at all!  I was complaining to Matthew yesterday about how ugly I am.   What do you think he should have said?  How about, "Well, I think you're pretty!"  But no, he didn't.  He asked if I could get out of it.  He never says I'm pretty.  It was shocking to me, but it shouldn't have been.  I didn't realize and it will just take me a bit to adjust, but for now I'm a little bit mad at him, but can't really tell him why.  I can't stop crying about it.  Oh, and surprise surprise -- I'm having my period.  I hate hormones.  And devils that whisper nonsense in my ears.

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