Monday, February 3, 2014


I am sitting here with Archie feeding me fake strawberries -- they are delicious!  And the sun is streaming through the windows, but it is still freezing!!!  Right now it is 16˚ feels like 9.  I guess that is about 50˚ warmer than last Monday so we are good!  Tomorrow the chance of snow is 100% so that should be fun!  It snowed all day on Saturday, too!  I actually really like snow as long as I don't have to drive in it!  It is so cozy to be sitting inside and watching it fall so prettily.  And there is nothing like the muted stillness of an unplowed street.

Sorry that I was complaining last time!  My life really isn't hard.  It was totally just my period.  I bought an essential oil blend called, "Serenity" to help me with that, but it worked so well that I sent it to Janis to help her feel serene and haven't ordered any more for myself!  I bet Matthew wouldn't mind me spending that money, right?  So the girl came over to take my picture on Thursday and it really wasn't so bad!  I don't know why I get myself so worked up.  You just never know with those artistic types, though.  They could be the artist who thinks they are super cool and are a little patronizing to the uncreative peon masses, but she wasn't like that at all!  The second she came through the door we were friends, so that was really nice.  She told me that she has a lot of ideas for projects, but then doesn't do them and later sees other people do the same idea.  So now, even though she isn't quite sure where the project is headed, she just decided to do it!  I told her that I agree that if you ignore inspiration (the holy ghost) too many times, he will stop coming around, for sure!  She had me get all ready for the day with make-up on, hair done, etc.   She took a few pics and then took pictures while I washed off the make-up, took down my hair (I had it in a bun), and I changed into some comfortable.  And yes, I have yoga pants.  Then she took some more pics.  The boys kept coming around to see what she was doing and she took some shots of them, too.  She has four kids: an 18 year old named Lydia, and triplets that are 6 years old.  So she was very nice to the boys.  It was nice doing something I wasn't comfortable doing, but that wasn't too painful either.  I hate posing for pictures so she just had me talk while she took the pictures.  I filled out a questionnaire the night before, too.  What is an overarching theme of your life?  Um, dieting (lame!) Who is your role model?  My mom, aaaah.  What are your dreams? To be a night club singer and fifty million other things.  It was pretty fun.

I finally started the children's service club I've been talking about for four years!  I just went onto facebook and invited a bunch of people to my house and it took about two minutes.  Now, that wasn't so difficult, was it?  This month we are going to crank out a ton of Valentine's for lonely people in our ward and neighborhood.  I hope that it goes well.  We are just going to meet once a month so it shouldn't be too painful.

Archie keeps us safe at all times.

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