Thursday, February 27, 2014

my little Lulu

 Today is Lucy's 14th birthday!  I can't believe that she is that old!  I remember that morning pretty clearly.  I especially remember how she wanted to nurse and nurse.  Iwthin a couple of days I was in so much pain -- and it didn't let up for a while.  I also tore quite badly so taht was pretty miserable, too.  I think that was the worst of all the babies.  But we loved her!  We loved the sweet noises she made and her chubby arms and legs.  Strangers loved her big, blue eyes.  I regret that I didn't just have her in bed with us.   Someone had given us a bassinet so I would get up off of the floor to get her and then sit cross-legged on the floor to feed her.  So stupid!  And I had a baby bjorn which hurt my back.  I'm sure they had some great baby packs there, but I didn't know!  There were so many things  id din't know.  Except for the obvious reasons, I'd sometimes like to go back and start all over with my kids.  Be more mindful, more aware.  But before the internet, if you didn't know someone who did a particular thing, you plain old didn't know about it!  Plus, we couldn't afford anything.  We were so poor!  But I should definitely spend less now.  Oh, yessiree!

But back to the internet thing.  We are completely inundated with information these days.  There is more information generated on the internet every two days than there was in the prvious... ever!  And we consume as much information every day than people did in their entire lifetimes!  It is crazy!  I'm trying to wean myself from it and slow down.  I really need to.  I have books and magazines to read.  I really just need to get off facebook.  What should my rules be?  Check once a day?  What time is best?  Morning. I should read scriptures, exercise, and write.  Afternoon would be okay, but I should set a time limit.  Night and evening should be for family, so afternoons it is.  Can I do it? 

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