Friday, January 8, 2010

la maison de ville

Our house is pretty difficult to describe.  Matthew and I both have already dreamt that we found extra rooms so that says something about the size.  That happened to me in Japan all the time.  It is cool and slightly spooky at the same time.  It is decorated like our cabin ~~ someone's second home so not a priority.  It is very old, but I can't get a clear answer on exactly how old.  I do know that the upstairs hallway seems to be giving way.  Here the girls will take you on a tour:

::there are three levels + an attic with a narrow, curving staircase

::this is the bedroom where Matthew, Phin and I are staying

::the pink bathroom

::the kind of smelly toilet room, but working on disinfecting it

::where we like to hang ~~ lots of eating and schooling, but absolutely no arguing
::Ella on the second floor

::Lucy on the third

There are three other bedrooms. The nicest one Matthew commandeered as his office because it had the least amount of beds and is farthest from the noise center. Charles, Lucy, and Ibby are sharing a room, and then Ella has her own.

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corn fed girl said...

I love it! It's whimsical & haunted! I'm digg'n your ghostly orbs in some of your pictures....spookey! I'm so jealous. I want ghosts in my Franceeee

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