Friday, January 22, 2010


THE most amazing thing happened this morning!  There is an outdoor market a few times a week just down the street from us.  There are people selling everything from clothes to jewelry, from olives to pasta, from vegetables to books.  I always like to browse through the books, but knowing myself (and the French books languishing on my shelf at home) I have decided that I won't buy any books that are written in French and I don't care how pretty they are, okay?  Today I was glancing at the tables full of books, hundreds of gorgeous books, and there was one lonely box labelled, "Livres en anglais."  There were about eight in the box.  I flipped through them and out of the eight there were THE two books that Ella needs for her English class -- Julius Caesar, and Lord of the Flies.  What are the chances of that????  Are you impressed and astonished?  No one around here is.
:: My fancy new watch.  5 euros isn't bad.
::showing the way to baguettes
::enjoying the first bite

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HARA said...

I so LOVE baguettes, I love them here in the states, I can't imagine them in F-R-A-N-C-E! What other French pastries are you enjoying? Please tell me you are only going to McD's for the internet. I HATE that place. My children told my mother when she was kind enough to take them there one day,"Grandma, do you know McDonald's has fake food?" Well? Come on, it's gross, we try so hard to eat organic, healthy non-processed food as much as we can.
I LOVE your experiences. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing.

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