Wednesday, January 6, 2010

john doe

Yesterday our doorbell rang and we knew that it must be the long-awaited friend of our landlord and, by association, our one and only friend in France.  His name is Jean-Dominique, but goes by Jean-Do.  He had been on vacation when we arrived, but we had expected him any time.  He came in and fixed our internet connection (yea!) so that we don't have to go to McDonalds anymore (yea!) and buy three sundaes for the 7 of us (yea!) instead of spending $10 for one combo meal (yea!).  Then he went with me to the post office so that I could get a money order to send to the transportation department for my delinquent tolls (yea!).  What a relief.

We do have some other semi-friends.  The neighbors who say bonjour then quickly look away.  The lady at the boulangerie who always tries to get me to buy less baguettes until I explain that I have une grande famille.  The cashier at the grocery store who absolutely positively will not allow the little carts to be taken out to the car even though I promise I will return it after it is empty because I forgot to bring my bags ~~ they have no free grocery bags here in France.  Anywhere.  I think that is wonderful and I am completely prepared for this with my handy envirosax.  However, I am not in actuality prepared for this at all since I always leave them somewhere in which I am not.

We also have some future friends at church.  Everyone was so friendly.  Charles was hoping that we wouldn't be noticed and could we please not attend all three hours.  He knew all was lost when he saw the size of the ward, the fact that everyone greeted us, and also when the bishop announced in Sacrament Meeting how long we were staying and that all Americans are named Smith.  The YM pres. was the most excited to meet Charles and kept popeye-ing his arm while saying super (as in pair, not purr) and making the deal that he would learn English if Charles will learn French.  Charles will be the only deacon.  There are 6 YW including Ella and the primary is tres, tres, small.


GRodenberg said...

PLEASEEEEEEEEE post pics! I am so anxiously awaiting each post...supair!

amylouwho said...

wait, how long are you actually staying there? I thought it was only a week or so. I'm starting to get envious!!!

The Queen Bee said...

Sounds like a small Ward. Be careful you may get callings and then never be able to leave!

Benny said...

We want to here about Matt and Charles's trip the first day you were there!!!!!!!!!

Chris Clark

Emu Monkey said...

Mary, I have been catching up with your family blog and I must say that it made me laugh a bit. I am sure it wasn't funny at the time, but you did a great job explaining everything, I could totally picture it happening. I am glad that you have things up and running now and hope you have better luck from now on out.

Stacey said...

Wow!!! You guys are so brave! I am loving every word of your adventure!!

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