Thursday, January 14, 2010

je suis gelé

Whew!  It is finally warming up.  It had actually gotten below freezing this week.  Now before all of you frozen to the bones in the United States get all hot and bothered about me complaining about the weather, let me just remind you that we here are not prepared for such temperatures and are living without central heating, proper insulation, have to walk a mile to get to our car, and, and... think of the poor palm trees!  At church someone mentioned that last year they didn't really have a winter and they much prefer having the seasons like this.  Matthew and I looked at each other, knowingly nodding our heads and thinking, just our luck.

Speaking of freezing, we bought a refurbished little laptop for the kids and I to use while we are here and it freezes up at any slight bump or nothing at all.  Just for this one entry it has frozen and been restarted about 12 times.  Incredibly frustrating!  We want to return it, but they will only do exchanges and it will take so long...  We don't know quite what to do because it does work sometimes and we need it.

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Stacey said...

Mary, I am not getting a very "happy" vibe from your posts! I REALLY do hope that you guys are enjoying yourselves!!! What do you guys do most days? Get in your vehicle or on the train and do some travelling! How far are you from Paris or Broughe (not sure how you spell it but I know it was a favorite of some of my England friends). Are you going to look into some super cheap flights to Italy? A mile to your car???? At least it is good exercise...right? Miss you!!!

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