Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Our time here is coming to an end.  I am really sad.  I knew it would go quickly so I shouldn't be surprised, but still.

What won't I miss?  Being incoherent and stepping in dog poo to name a couple, but what might be the thing I miss most?  Flea markets!

There is one near here every Saturday morning that is so extraordinary and I only went twice.  I know!  What was I thinking?  And the second time was actually quite tragic because I was trying to be good.  I'll confess to my stupidity.

A woman set up her little space with all sorts of things that I like -- chintz pillows and chests overflowing with old linens.  On a table she had some knick-knacks and silverware.  I picked up a bouquet of teaspoons prettily tied with a satin bow, imagining how perfect they were for eating ice cream, and asked how much it was.  She said that she wasn't selling them separately, but that it was part of an entire 12 pc. set, complete with serving pieces, that she was selling for €20.  I didn't just want them so that I could have this conversation:  "What lovely silverware you have."  "Thank you so much, I brought them back from Fraaance."  We actually need new silverware.  I think we only have 5 forks and this price was better than even Ikea.  I do not know why I didn't stuff them all in a bag and run, but I had already bought a table cloth and some little santons, not to mention other things I have purchased since we've been here and we were completely stuffed to the gills when we arrived.

 I looked to my kids for advice.  Charles:  They look heavy so they will really cost more than that when you have to either ship them home or pay more for the suitcase.  Ella:  You will have to polish them.  They both had a point.  I was also worried about getting in trouble with my husband for the money and the bulk.  I.walked.away.  Slowly to be sure.  Then talked about them while we wandered around.  Then told Matthew all about them.  Then kept thinking about them.  They were pretty.

Then when we went to the flea market in Paris and saw ONE SPOON for €40.  I just about died.  What had I done?  So I kept thinking about them.  And almost came home a day early from Paris so I could go to the flea market one last time.  (Then found out the flea market was also on Sunday so skipped over there early with Ella, apologizing for being a bad example, it was an emergency! and the magic silver lady wasn't there anyway, shh).

Then looked on Ebay and saw a similar set minus serving pieces for $1795.00!  Oh dear.

I know I will feel depressed every Saturday morning from now on knowing there is an amazing flea market happening in Hyeres.  It was so close!  But will now be so very far.

I am sure there is some spectacular market going on in Turkey every day of the week, but I am ignorant of it so it doesn't fill me with the same angst.


normal mom said...

At least you are coming home to garage sale season!? :)I'll speak French with you while you wander through old town Bloomington.

Stacey said...

Very funny what "Normal Mom" said! Don't hate me but I don't like flea markets. My parents LOVE them and their house kind of looks like a very tasteful flea market...I am scarred. On the other hand...will be so happy to have you back!

Anonymous said...

Just say no to polishing silverware! I think you made the right decision, no matter how much they were worth.
Welcome home!!

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