Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sixth day -- more chateaux

We headed a little bit south and stopped in Blois for the night.  Next morning we drove through the beautiful countryside toward Chambord.

::pretty village
::it was very cold

::rushing from one room to another (can you hear the distant swish of silk and satin skirts?)

::dancing in the chapel

::swinging audioguide around neck in the chapel -- woohoo!  fortunately it didn't break, but the one in Avignon was not so fortunate, may it RIP

::fun on the stairs

::the unique double helix is ideal for sneaking a peek at one another

::I didn't realize the Mona Lisa was that large... we saw a great exhibit on art that was stored at Chambord during WWII -- how did they know it wasn't the end of the world?

::thank goodness for parks!

That got us ready for the 8 hour ride home.  Whew!  I can never believe how good the kids are in the car.  We hardly stopped, but they didn't complain, or scream, or lose it completely...  What a blessing.

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Stacey said...

I am all caught up...AWESOME!!! What an amazing trip! I wish I would have had my blog when we went to Paris! LOVEEEE all your photos!

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