Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paris! fourth day - Versailles

::a very low tunnel under Paris to get to Versailles -- we all thought we were going to scrape the top!
::Charles especially loves chateaux -- can you tell?

::we were grateful for audioguides -- it makes it much more interesting

::have I mentioned that we can always find a place to frolic?

::we liked the gardens best

::that place is huge!

::always lovin' the columns

::classic in the mirror photo

::every time we passed a grate Phin was determined to fill it completely with gravel and he didn't care if we left him there to do it

::"Escape from Grand Trianon" -- after meandering through the gardens we realized that we had somehow become locked in!  See that pointy blue gate in the background?  We had to climb over it to get out -- no photos of that experience, but one we will never forget

We left Versailles feeling a little sorry for Marie Antoinette, but with a greater understanding of why, perhaps, they might have been guillotined.  I mean, sheesh people!  My personal opinion is that poor Marie didn't deserve it as much as Louis IV -- the sins of the fathers...

::we drove home through Paris to see the Arc de Triomphe at night

::and the Eiffel Tower all sparkly for five minutes on the hour

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