Thursday, March 11, 2010

the finer things

My French has improved so much since we arrived.  Why just yesterday I told someone that I have 15 children.  The words five and fifteen don't even sound the same in French!  But the numbers do look somewhat alike in my head.  There is really no excuse, I am just idiotic (no offense to those of you who are related to idiots, I really shouldn't use the "I" word so carelessly).  Needless to say, the person I told looked quite shocked!

Every week Ella has a new password required to enter her room.  The one this week is:  I'm going to Paris on Sunday!  How many times will she be able to say that in her life?  Actually she has said that she never wants to come back to France.  Well, that is just fine.  I am so glad we could expose her to the finer things in life so that she can make informed decisions like that.

Speaking of exposure to the finer things, my kids have been watching the Simpsons while we've been here.  It is on at all hours of the day (not at our house, just on the television), so very convenient.  Normally we wouldn't be encouraging this interest, but even Matthew said he would be willing to buy the dvds as long as they weren't in English.  It somehow elevates the entire show and makes it less crude when you don't understand a word they're saying.  You should try watching it with no sound on at all  -- hilarious!  It really brings out the subtleties and nuances.

It might be time to come home.

Oh, the morning bells are ringing -- there go the seven.  Wait, wait...  There go the seven more.  Perhaps it isn't quite time yet.

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Stacey said...

Very funny, Mary!! The Simpson's is Kyle's all time favorite show EVER. Please don't tell anyone. He just can't help himself. I can relate to Ella...if my parents would have made me leave all my friends when I was in H.S. for 3 months I would have run away from home.

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