Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Friendly Visit

Our first visitors came on Feb. 25 and we had the most wonderful time!  The few days before they arrived were sunny and temperate, but the forecast for the weekend was only clouds and rain.  They had been in Paris and made their way down to southern Spain just to see us, so I wanted to make sure it was worthwhile for them!  I sent up many prayers to Mother Nature, but then it was out of my hands.

Friday, the sun peeked out for a little bit -- just enough time to have a sunny lunch al fresco, but then it hid again while we went for a long, windy walk along the Mar Menor
 Saturday was Lucy's birthday so we decided to take her shopping in Cartagena with the double motive of showing off our nearest Spanish city
I haven't introduced them yet!  Here are Jon and Twila, aren't they cute?

 We were able to see some of the Roman ruins and the nice view of the port from the old castle mount.

 Sunday we needed to take them to Alicante so we all went since we hadn't been there before.  We found the castle there and were able to enjoy some spectacular views of the sea and the surrounding area.  It was a radiant afternoon!

 The boys loved the "canyons"
 But then the clouds rolled in!

 I obviously couldn't get enough of the swiftly changing sky!

 And the swiftly running boys!  They're too fast for me.  We hurried up to the top and then ran back down, making it to the car just as the first, fat drops fell on us.

 When the rain stopped we looked for a place to eat and admired more of the city.  This is the most beautiful post office I've ever seen!

And then we had to say goodbye.  It really was the most marvelous visit!   Thank you, Warners, for going out of your way to see us!

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