Friday, March 4, 2016

Andalusia 5 -- Malaga

We let everyone sleep in a little bit and then we decided to visit a Ceramics and Glass Museum that everyone was raving about.

Some bright houses on the way

 The museum is in the house of a man who is a very eccentric aristocrat.  We didn't realize it at first, but he was the one doing our tour!  It was quite an experience!  He has his collection set up so that most of the pieces are incorporated into his decor.
 He pointed our EVERY single detail, haha!  And we could barely understand his accent, but became used to it after a while.
 He had a beautiful old piano that he insisted we should hear -- so Lucinda fortunately obliged and played a lovely piece by Rocherolle
 Archie's feelings about most of it
 But I think the olders enjoyed it!
 "Just touch it.  Touch it!!!"  That is how he was most of the tour.  Along with assertions that he just "had to have" such and such and that he did it for us!  So he could share it with us!
 A little video so that you can truly experience his individuality

 Phin trying to make it more fun

Whew!  The boys were free at last!!!  We grabbed some delicious kebabs and then headed over to the Castle!
 There is always cool street art to be found
 There is the castle!  Let's go there!
 Oops!  We walked past the entrance and thinking it was just around the corner, went for an hour long hike up a very very steep hill!  It was hot!  But the view was nice
 Lots of breaks

 Okay, back on track!  It was fine that we went for an unexpected hike, but we just get a little bit stressed because all of the attractions close early during the Winter and we didn't want to miss the main event.

 More Moorish architecture -- lovely arches, beautiful gardens and fountains.

After we left the castle, Matthew took Charles, Lucinda, Ibby, and Phin on a Segway tour of the city.  I don't have pics of that -- my phone must've died or something... Ella, Archie, and I went and found a little playground and had a bit of gelado while we waited.  It was a wonderful day!

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