Saturday, March 5, 2016

Andalusia 6

Matthew and Phin went out early to fetch us some breakfast -- and it was delish!  The pastries here are so yummy!  And they're so reasonably priced.  

We checked out of the hotel and then made our way back to our car.  I didn't take a picture of where Matthew had found a place to park, but I should have!  It was up a very steep hill, in a muddy lot, basically on the edge of a cliff.  It was quite hairy backing up and getting out of there, but once again, Matthew amazed us with his skills!  We then meandered along the southern coast, trying to stay as close to the water as possible, and made our way home.  We stopped for lunch in Salobrena and even found the house we had wanted to rent!  They never wrote back to us, but it was the one I pictured in my mind for months while we planned our trip.  It was surreal seeing it in real life, perched on a hill with a lovely sea view.  We finally arrived home quite late, whew!  It was good to be back, full of newfound information and lots of memories.

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