Thursday, November 6, 2008


Our internet modem went out sometime Tuesday night and I was completely unconnected to the outside world all day yesterday. I know! I actually survived, but it was strange to realize how dependent I am. I kept thinking of things I wanted to look up, or people I needed to e-mail and I couldn't. I did, however, get a lot of other things done. How strange is that? It has obviously been fixed now, thank goodness!

Also on Tuesday I went to download our pictures from Halloween and also take yet another adorable photo of my Phin doing something darling and my camera wouldn't turn on. Will the destruction and mayhem ever stop? I am tired of having to spend money on things I thought I already owned.


Anonymous said...

Tuesday night?? But that was, that was... I guess you had TV still. You are living in a vortex. I hope things start fixing themselves.

normal mom said...

Did you check the batteries in your camera? Maybe it will be an easy fix.

Shaharac said...

Totally not related sorry - I'm exhausted, but fully intend to check out your blog tomorrow. Also, wanted to link you to mine through this. I am so glad you found me on facebook. I am looking forward to catching up.

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