Monday, November 17, 2008


It is Monday again -- kids off to school √ , laundry in washing machine √, renewed dedication to diet √, writing in blog √, reading all my friend's blogs √, round of word challenge √. I guess I need to make a list of all of the important things I should be doing.

We had a whirlwind weekend trip over to Nauvoo. It was really nice that the gas prices are so low!!! Can you believe it? Every time I pass the gas station I want to pull in and buy some and am disappointed when my tank is full. So it was a good time to go for a long drive. It is always crazy how much preparation is required to stay over one night. You might as well go for a week as for a day. I am sure our hosts were glad we didn't come for a week. We stayed the night at our friend's house. They were so hospitable and kind, we felt very welcome and comfortable. We knew the Stout's in Japan and it is so nice how easy it is to slip back into familiarity -- even the kids who had never really met! They all just woke up and started playing with no awkwardness. I love it! Matthew took all of the older kids to do baptisms and then he and I went to a session. It was really nice to go to the temple. I hadn't been since before the baby. It was lovely, calm, and peaceful. I always feel renewed -- until I lose my temper in the car on the way home. Oops! So THANK YOU Julie, Brock and fam! I appreciate you watching the kids, yummy food, good conversation, etc. etc. You have a beautiful home and family.

I got a new camera. It is always an agonizing process for me. I look on ebay for good deals, but inevitably miss the end of the auction. I search the web for the lowest price then my husband comes along and tells me the cheapest place also scams people. I eventually just went to a store in town which is just a little too simple for the way I operate. As I was researching what to get, Charles asked, "Were you going to buy a new camera before I was playing around with yours and the next time you picked it up it didn't turn on?" Actually, that is not exactly what he said. My reply was, "No I was not even considering getting a new camera!" But I can't miss baby moments and Charles seems to be changing as much as the baby is. He is suddenly so big and tall I am surprised he isn't in pain! So I have a new one and here is the inaugural pic and one from the car.


Jenn said...

How fun to just swing over to Nauvoo! Gas prices are definitely making me smile. Although, I'm still in the habit of just putting in $5 at a time--but at least $5 fills it past a quarter of a tank--amazing. Charles IS looking older! Hope the new camera works out for you!

Anonymous said...

we loved it!!!!
come back, come back!

GRodenberg said...

Charles is so old! so cute too!

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