Monday, November 3, 2008


We have been incredibly busy for the last two weeks. We finally got the cd that we have been waiting for since June so there has been a lot of the packing, sealing, addressing, etc. going on. Last week we took about 7,000 domestic packages to the post office and my challenge this week is to get the huge amount of international orders out. Matthew has been overseeing all of that plus his tenure documentation was due last Friday. The kids didn't have school that day so I sent Lulu downstairs to get something (that's what I do when they're home -- secure their services), she came up and asked if there was something wrong with daddy. "I don't know," I replied, "what is he doing?" "He is walking around the basement saying 'Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh." 'Hmmm,' thought I, 'Perhaps we should vacate the premises.' So we left him to his stress and visited the annual box maze. This thing is amazing. A local church builds a huge maze out of boxes complete with slides, dead ends, etc. It is completely dark in there, but if you get really stuck someone will come along with a light to help you find your way. They relate it to the gospel of Christ and it is nice and fun. Then we got ready for Halloween and went to a friendly friend's house for dinner which was totally nice of them. It was all around a completely insane day.

Today is marvelously gorgeous outside -- the skies are the amazing bright blue of autumn which coordinates so nicely with the gold and vermilion leaves. And it is my absolute favorite temperature -- 68˚, what's yours?

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The Queen Bee said...

I have to agree on the temp, and how cute the baby is. I wish I had a little girl so they could get married in the future! I am really enjoying the weather, hope it lasts until tomorrow when I need to cut back the hostas.

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