Thursday, August 27, 2009


I had decided that we would deep clean one room of the house every week this summer, but amazingly enough, that did not happen.  We halfheartedly dragged some dust cloths around the living room.  The kitchen really needed some attention.  I recently found a full serving of macaroni and cheese in the utensil drawer (okay not a full serving).  Sometimes I think it is just the kids, but even without them the dust bunnies multiply under the beds and the spiders congregate in the corners.  Sometimes thorough cleaning just needs to happen. 

I started a new Bradley class last night so that is always the impetus for a brisk sweep through the house which is nice because otherwise one becomes used to seeing the same things lying round.  The mail by the door, I'll get to that later.  Baby toys strewn from room to room, they'll just get brought out again (especially since he doesn't really play, he transports).  Dust on the mantle and lamp tables, what is the point of dusting?  Trash on the floor -- wait a minute!  Why are there wrappers on the floor?  Erg.  I am always finding garbage around my house ~~ from used tissues on the counters to empty cereal boxes in the pantry to toilet paper rolls left forlornly in their spot on the wall.  I know!  Let's throw our garbage in the garbage can!  What a great idea!  I have placed some strategically throughout the house so at any given moment one can be found merely steps away.  I even found one like this for a great price at a garage sale this summer:

What do you think? I think it is quite nice, and dare I say, fancy? Doesn't it just scream functionality? And you don't even have to be bothered to use your hands, just give a little nudge with your toe and it opens in all of its glory. Let's try it.

I should go clean the rest of my house. Ouch! What did I just step on?

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