Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mommy Guilt

Since school has started I have felt guilty about my kids not eating a healthy breakfast.  I haven't felt bad enough to get up at 5 a.m. and make a hot breakfast before oldest heads off to early morning seminary, just bad enough to feel lame.  I found some recipes for healthy egg muffins (like mini muffin shaped omelets) and breakfast casseroles, but so far haven't had the gumption to actually prepare said items the night before.  I guess we have the entire school year ahead of us (I rationalize hopefully).  Last night I did try making oatmeal in our peachy keen rice cooker.  It was so easy and totally worked out, surprisingly enough.  I tried steel cut oats because oldest loves oatmeal, but I hate to feed them the instant variety.  It shouldn't even be called oatmeal.  Maybe just sugar coated oatmeal likenesses.  Just call it what it is: dessert.  Speaking of which I came downstairs yesterday and my two younger girls had just eaten two pop tarts each (!!!) for breakfast.  I know there are two in the package, but that doesn't mean you eat two.  And I know that they are touted as being breakfast foods, but they are so not a great start to your day.  And I know I shouldn't even have them in the house, but I had a coupon AND they were on sale and I thought they might make a nice TREAT sometime, but I certainly didn't intend for them to be the first things on the stomachs of my precious little ones who then have to go out into the world and think thoughts of all things.  Hence the guilt.  And we have now come full circle.


Stacey said...

Don't feel guilty...I am just happy if my kids make their own-no matter what it is. If it makes you feel any better Sawyer eats Eggos EVERY single morning, Faith has Instant Breakfast and Eden eats either...yes, a poptart (1) or a nutrigrain bar.

amylouwho said...

i LOVE steel cut oats! Try them with frozen blueberries and a bit of brown sugar. mmmmmm. I hear you can do them in the crockpot overnight too. I don't have a rice cooker.

AFarCryFromNormal said...

Oooooo Mary! I LOVE YOU!! Ok, I love you anyway but you have given me the inspiration necessary to fix my steel cut oats! I bought them because I know they are way better than even the other regular oats. Although I am just thankful that we DO eat alot of oats. It is cheap and very healthy! My favorite thing is to put fresh chopped apples, cinnamon and just a little brown sugar or pure maple syrup. Boil that and then throw in oats and flax seed. This with a smoothie. YUMMO!!! I can't wait to try my steel cut oats.

I actually am doing better now that school has started. It forces me to really be better about getting them good food so that they can focus and not be hungry etc.

So what if they have a couple of pop tarts for breakfast every once in awhile! I know what you mean but it's ok! Just last week we all went out for breakfast and had doughnuts. Hardly any better than poptarts!

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