Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Questions

Today I had the distinct pleasure of taking four of my children to the dentist at the same time.  You would think that the actual dentist part would be the most painful, but no-oh!  It was gathering them up for the 1:00 appointment.  Which brings us to the first question:  Why is it harder to take my children out of school early than it would be to break them out of prison?  Oh my goodness.  I will spare you the details, just know that it may be my undoing (I used to think that would be poop, but I have grown accustomed to that which I suppose is a good thing...maybe).  And why can't a pediatric dentist try to be available after school hours?  It would make MY life so much easier so I think that it should be taken into consideration.  

It has taken us much too long to recover from our stomach ailment.  I always return home from our continental treks feeling motivated to make a fresh start.  This may be because we always return at the beginning of the new school year and also I have had a reprieve from the mundane.  On our journey home I daydream about how I will transform into the organized, creative, efficient, thin, kind woman I long to be and I am brimming with ideas of how to bring it all to pass.  Well, it usually comes to nothing in the end, but not quite so abruptly as this year.  We had one day before school started so it took us much too long to unpack and then the nasty bug on top of it didn't help one teeny bit.  The whole thing has made me feel quite despondent which makes me into something of a baby.  I look at lovely photographs and think, I wish I could take pictures like that.  Why haven't I learned how to use my camera so I can take pictures like that?  I see beautiful art and I think, I wish I could express what I feel inside in that way.  Why haven't I sketched even one single thing since I took an art class last fall so that I can feel more comfortable with that form of expression?  I hear a great song and think, I wish I could sing all the time.  Why can't I?  I look at everything that way and think why, why, why?  I need to stop being so why-ny (oh no she didn't!) and focus on something.  

New trend alert:  Today baby made the magnificent discovery of nostrils ~~ his and mine ~~ and thinks they are altogether terrifically entertaining.

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Shaharac said...

I'm so glad you are home and writing. AND do not get me started on the pediatric dentist. My poor baby had major dental surgery today, under anesthesia for 2 hours and stopped breathing. 2 year old is ok. I'm not, but will be.
I am amazed when I read your writing how much a like we are, no wonder we were good friends in high school. Thank you cyber world for bringing my Mary back to me!
Oh - is stomach bug all gone? That is the worst, I hate it, laundry, stench, etc.

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