Monday, April 12, 2010

the dregs of my camera

Aah - back to crazy busy insane hectic bustling ridiculous normal.  And it is actually really nice.  I do miss one of my kids quite a bit -- it was marvelous to have no competition for a few months.

Matthew, I mean Philo, was in NYC for about 4 days last week and things are a little more hairy when he's gone.  Single mothers (that includes women who's husbands travel all the time) are heroic.  Two school mornings with me gone to seminary and then getting back to wake people up (a little later than normal) and three different school start times, etc.  Also I did a yard sale with my friends like last Spring and it was really fun.  Getting it ready isn't fun by any stretch of the imagination, but running it is certainly amusing.  I love to observe and interact with all of the interesting characters who stop by.  However, I was completely exhausted and can only imagine, and sympathize with, how my friends felt with new baby, pregnancy, what have you.

The last two weekends I have felt so uplifted spiritually and hope that I can keep the feeling.  We had General Conference the first weekend in April and then Stake Conference on Saturday and Sunday this week.  So wonderful!  I need it so much.  I'm all antsy or something.  Hopefully it is just excitement for the future and my potential, right?  I don't know.  I really do feel all fluttery in my tummy like something is about to happen.  It's probably just SPRING!

Some more pictures.  I promise these are the last.  Two days before we left I went on my usual walk.  My sister-in-law, Stacie, also has some great photos of our neighborhood on her blog -- she is a real photographer as opposed to my feeble attempts at capturing the grandeur and magnificence.  There are a few different posts from their trip if you scroll down.

::I always started by going on the street just above ours

::I miss that mountain!

::it made be hard to tell, but this car is REALLY little

::our rock -- we had made a goal to climb up there every day of our stay, but didn't quite make it every day

::this was never open that we could see -- just liked the sign

::one of our favorite paths to the boulangerie

::I loved all of the doors

::our across the way neighbors

::so sad I never saw leaves on the trees

::they took all of the plaster off of this house down to the bare stone and then proceeded to replaster -- I won't ever know what color it eventually gets painted

::a stained-glass workshop -- I peeked in a couple of times, but she was always working

::and back to our house to a door so familiar yet we will never open again -- it is amazing, but Phin would always run ahead and then come to a screeching halt in front of our door -- I was amazed that he knew our door amongst all the others -- there were probably some identifiers below 2 feet that I missed


GRodenberg said...

I can't believe you're home! That was the fastest 3 months of my life! Come see our new abode-

HARA said...

I certainly hope you are not feeling I am tired of pictures of France. You can keep them coming. The doors are fabulous. I do not yard sale, I am impressed you do. All my junk goes to D.I.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have taken more too. You and I should have gone on a walk and taken all the little details you wanted to remember.
I keep sneaking to a French bakery up the street for lunch once a week. They even speak French. Last time I went there was a whole group of Frenchies talking with the owners.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Gorgeous pictures, Mary. These blue skies make me daydream of Summer....
Y'our blog is lovely! Off to read some of your past posts....
Hope your weekend is sunny and happy! xo

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