Thursday, April 1, 2010

back to reality

We are slowly adjusting to being home.  Saturday we went grocery shopping since we obviously had no food in the house.  At the store we saw some people from church and stopped to chat.  After a few minutes we resumed our shopping and Ella exclaimed, "Wow.  They speak English so well!"  I know!

When we got home, I found this little note on my bed:
I especially love the secret part.

Yesterday I went with eldest to get much needed, after three months, haircuts.  We like to go to the hair school since it is cheaper AND you don't have to pay a tip.  I hate paying tips.  Just be straightforward and tell me how much you want me to pay you and I will, okay?  Add the 20%, or whatever you think is acceptable, to the price.  And pay your employees a regular wage.  Okay, that is off my chest.  So I have always gotten a nice haircut there and yesterday was no exception, UNTIL we got to my bangs.  Girl doing my hair to teacher, "Umm, can you come over here?  She wants a kind of side swept bang."  Teacher:  "Have you ever cut bangs before?"  Girl:  "NO.  Someone always does it for me."  T:  "Well, there's always a first time and you need the experience."  I was just sitting there getting really excited for her to start cutting.  Couldn't they have this conversation somewhere else?  I can hear you.  Needless to say, I am not loving them.  But hey, they will grow.


normal mom said...

How kind of you to let that girl practice on your bangs!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... reason why I don't go to hair schools. But you're right, they'll grow. Although, last time I had bangs they weren't right either and I paid $30 (plus tip) for them.

Jen said...

That bangs conversation cracks me up. I trim my own because my awesome hairdresser told me how to do it so I can go longer between cuts.

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