Monday, April 26, 2010

on guard!

The weather since we've been back has been BE-autiful!  But I'm afraid that whatever the temperature, one always feels a little uneasy here in Illinois.  It is difficult to enjoy a gorgeous warm day because one is caught up in analyzing what is behind it.  A couple of weeks ago it got up into the 80's.  Does it portend a scorching summer?  Or is there a freezing wind whipping around the bend?  Should I go ahead and plant the tomatoes or will a torrential downpour accompanied by hail destroy them in their tender state?  
On Saturday there was mild rain throughout the day, but the cooler temperatures in the evening sent in a huge thunder storm.   We were in the basement watching Wives and Daughters (love it!) when we felt a particularly large thunder clap followed by a blinding flash of light.  Baby crying, girls huddling -- hush, hush it was only lightening.  We found out the next day at church from our fireman friend that our neighbor's house was hit!  There is a huge hole in their roof and green terracotta tiles causing their two windshields to break and more strewn across their lawn.  All of their lightbulbs shattered so they alternate between cleaning up glass and trying to keep water out of their house.  No one was hurt, but it is a reminder that one can never let their guard down too much!

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