Monday, November 9, 2009

halloween, warm november, jeans that fit

I am so thankful for my beautiful children. Sometimes I cannot get over how extraordinary they all are. I have had my suspicions that perhaps Heavenly Father may have known that I couldn't handle any real troublemakers which in a way makes me feel ... I don't know. I just know that I am grateful for them every day and every night, high and low, and there and back.

Here are some pictures of them from Halloween that I never posted.


:: Queen Elizabeth and Dorothy

::Queen E and D again


None of Charles since he wouldn't dress up this year. Sad. Maybe he will be mature enough next year to realize that dressing up is fun, fun, fun!

I am thankful for two more things. First, the amazing weather we had this weekend!!!! Oh my goodness, September and October were much too chilly so it was beyond wonderful to have this little reprieve. It was 68˚, my favorite temperature. Aaaah. Today it is a little cooler, but still lovely as can be for a November afternoon.

The next thing is that I am incredibly grateful that I found some jeans that fit. What a trial! I certainly don't want to wear Mom jeans, bien sur! But I also don't like really low rise since I am a mom and have a mom tummy to prove it and I hate the whole hiking up my pants or showing off my rolls dilemma. Well, last week while I was walking at the mall since it was SO cold, I saw that there was a super one day sale at the Limited and I walked in and found them ~~ the perfect jeans for me. Regularly $69.50, got them for $14. What a coup!


GRodenberg said...

ok, so are we set for Thanksgiving???? We'd love to have you! Call me for a planning session- (217)224-5549

Stacey said...

OHHHHH!! So excited about your jeans!!!! Adorable Halloween photos and I have the same feelings about water. I hated flying over the ocean while living overseas-I would watch on the screen and it would freak me out. I also have a huge fear of drowning-water is the silent killer. On the other is wonderful and I am very thankful for it :)

Janika said...

Finding a flattering pair of jeans is indeed a bit like finding the Holy Grail! I lucked out at TJ Maxx and found 2 great pairs of dark wash jeans for $7 a pair!

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