Wednesday, November 11, 2009

veterans day

I am so grateful for people who are willing to serve our country in the armed forces. I think they are so brave. I can't think of anything more terrifying. But I wish, wish, wish that we didn't even have veterans. Just retired military who led quiet, peaceful careers ~~ nothing more exciting than helping out with natural disasters and things of that sort. After 9-11 and there was first talk of going to Afghanistan I was so upset. I thought about going down to the corner and picketing for peace. I wondered why we couldn't just find those responsible and make them pay for their actions instead of getting entire countries involved ~~ people who have already suffered so much from political oppression. I mean, after the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, do they really need us over there wreaking havoc, too? Oh, it makes me feel sick. I think about the mommies. How could you raise kids in that environment? Back to complete the circle, I am grateful for those who are willing, so grateful for freedom to think, say, and do, so grateful for peace... just wish we could all give it a chance.

I read Man's Search for Meaning last month. It was so good. And so sad! I got so much out of it, but mostly that most of the nuisances in my life are merely that ~~ nuisances. I can handle them and need to do so with a much more cheerful heart. I have love, I have safety, I have faith.

This morning I looked at the clock and it was 11:11. Groovy. Then I realized that today is 11/11. Groovier. How is it that every time I take something out of the freezer there is less room?

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HARA said...

I have more copies of Man's search for Meaning in my house than is normal. Yes, 1 copy would be normal. We assign the Wilderness students to read it. I love it. It is certainly on my list of favorites.
I love this post. I have a very tender spot in my heart for military families. I love what you said about the mommies, the families, I remember Rosie McKay always having us to worksheets on what was also happening on the homefront during wars. That has always stuck with me. It's so much bigger than just sending boys/men off to wars, and horrible conflicts. I am so grateful for my safety, my faith and the love and loves in my life. You nailed this one.

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